WEBINAR, MEETING & PRESENTATION - October 4 - 8, 2021 |Bari, Italy
8:30 On-site Registration
Watch 9:00 Welcoming from ERNEST Chair and Local Organizers

Session 1 - Protein dynamics and the macromolecular interactions in signaling pathways (WG1)

Chair: Katarina Nemec
9:45 Jens Meiler (University of Leipzig, Germany) Integrating Computation and Experiment to Study Membrane Protein Receptor Signaling
10:10  Necla Birgül-Iyison (Boğaziçi University, Turkey) Allatostatin receptor, potential target for next-generation pesticides
10:35 Vaithish Velazhahan (University of Cambridge, UK) A distinct activation mechanism in GPCR dimers: insights from cryo-EM snapshots of entire class D1 GPCR activation pathway
10:47 Franziska M. Heydenreich (Stanford University, USA) Dissecting the allosteric network governing agonist efficacy and potency in G protei-coupled receptors
11:00 Coffee Break
Watch  11.30 Poster Session 1 playback of pre-recorded flash talks (P1-P13)
12:15 Poster Session 1 Q&A
12.45 Networking Session 1 Meet the speakers from Monday morning sessions
13:15-14.30 Lunch break
Watch 13.30 NanoTemper e-demo on the new Monolith - Q&A Have you heard? Interaction analysis is easy

 Watch Spotlight Talk

Chair: Martha Sommer
14:30 Sudarshan Rajagopal (Duke University, USA) Biasing Chemokine Signaling to Modulate Inflammation

 Watch Session 2 - Web-based resources and computational modelling of signal transduction (WG5)

Chair: Stefan Mordalski
15:00 Lucie Delemotte (KTH Royal Institute of Techonology, Sweden) Details of G-protein coupled receptor activation via data-driven molecular modelling
15:20 Laura Furlong (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain) The Dis GeNET knowledge platform: supporting the use of disease genomics data for drug R&D
15:40 Jakub Jakowiecki (University of Warsaw, Poland) GPCRsignal: webserver for analysis of the interface between G protein-coupled receptors and their effector proteins
15.50 Sabina Podlewska (Jagellonian University, Poland) Profiling compound ADMET properties with the assistance of SHAP values
16:00 Coffee Break

 Watch Session 3 - Biological roles and physiological contexts of signal transduction (WG2)

Chair: Marialessandra Contino
16:30 Vincenzo Di Marzo (Université Laval, Canada) The endocannabinoid system and its extension to the endocannabinoidome: new ligands for "old" and "new" GPCRs
16:55 Francisco Ciruela (University of Barcelona, Spain) Deorphanizing GPR37: new pharmacotherapy avenues for neurological diseases
17:20 Zafiroula Georgoussi (National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos", Greece) The role of kappa-opiod receptor-induced autophagy in synaptic alterations
17:33 Miriam Scarpa (University of Glasgow, UK) Phosphorylation of the M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor protects from neurodegeneration
17:46 Jason Deng (Wuxi AppTec, Usa) DEL+AI: Joining forces to maximize opportunities in hit discovery
18:10 Networking Session 2 Meet the speakers from Monday afternoon sessions
18:45 Transfer to Bari Vecchia and guided tour
21:00 Street food