WEBINAR, MEETING & PRESENTATION - October 4 - 8, 2021 |Bari, Italy

Watch Session 4 - Advanced methods and technologies in signal transduction research (WG4)

Chair: Xiaojing Cong
9:00 Ago Rinken (University of Tartu, Estonia) Characterization of fluorescent ligand binding to muscarinic acetylcholine receptors
9:25 Paolo Annibale (MDC Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany) One gene - two proteins: the C-terminus of the prototypical M2 muscarinic receptor localizes to the mitochondria
9:40 Jiafei Mao (Goethe University, Germany) Boosting the sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy for GPCR studies
9:55 Neha Dhimole (Nanotemper) interviews Isabelle Mus-Veteau (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, France) Measure protein interactions in crude extracts? Yes you can!
10:10 Frank  Birke (PicoQuant, Germany) Life time for Life science
10:25 Article Collection Presentation (Frontiers)
10:45 Coffee Break
Watch 11.15 Poster Session 2 playback of pre-recorded flash talks (P14-P29)
12:00 Poster Session 2 Q&A
12.30 Networking Session 3 Meet the speakers from Tuesday morning sessions
13:00-14.30 Lunch
Watch 13.30 NanoTemper e-demo on the new Prometheus Panta - Q&A The new gold standard in challenging stability characterization: Prometheus Panta

Watch Session 5 - Design and optimization of molecular modulators of signal transduction (WG3)

Chair: Eddy Sotelo
14:30 Enza Lacivita (University of Bari, Italy) Structural optimization of N-Formyl Peptide Receptor 2 (FPR2) agonists with neuroprotective properties
14:55 Peter Gmeiner (University of Erlangen, Germany) Selective Ligands Based on GPCR Structures
15:20 Ogun Adebali (Sabanci University, Turkey) G-protein selective activation mechanism in GPCRs
15:33 Markus Muttenthaler (University of Vienna, Austria) Chemical strategies to tune potency, selectivity and stability of neuropeptides
15:46 Morgan Thomas (Sosei Heptares, UK) Best practice for chemical language model de novo design of GPCR ligands: datasets, scoring functions and optimization algorithms
16:00 Coffee Break

Watch Session 6 - CA18240 Adhere'n Rise

Chairs: Ines Leibscher and Simone Prömel
16.30 Katja Spiess (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) Interplay between viruses and adhesion GPCRs - exemplified by the mumps virus ADGRA3 interaction
16:55 Peter Hildebrandt (University of Leipzig, Germany) Intra-GAIN domain movements regulate tethered agonist exposure in aGPCRs
17:20 Orkun Cevheroglu (Ankara University, Turkey) Do aGPCRs oligomerize?
17:35 Biljana Stankovic (University of Belgrade, Serbia) Mining variants in aGPCRs genes from genomic datasets: Serbian repertoire
17:45 Networking Session 4 Meet the speakers from Tuesday afternoon sessions
Watch 18:30-20:00 ECI Session Chair: Maria Majellaro Franziska M. Heydenreich (Stanford University, USA) Applying for fellowships Nicola Smith (University of New South Wales, Australia) Research integrity - a personal experience Yamina A. Berchiche (Yamina.org/DrGPCR) Dr.GPCR where all GPCRs are created equal
18:30-20:00  Management Committee Members Meeting (invited only)
20:00 Transfer to Grande Albergo delle Nazioni and Conference Dinner