ERNEST -European Research Network on Signal Transduction

COST Action 18133

The main scientific objective of the Action is to develop a common, comprehensive and holistic map of signal transduction that will advance development of pathway-specific chemical modulators.

ERNEST aims to create a diverse multidisciplinary network of researchers. Diversity will be manifest in core expertise, career level, gender, country of residence, and type of institution.

ERNEST promotes communication, knowledge exchange and cooperation between investigators from different disciplines, institutions, and countries.

ERNEST aims to expand the scientific, transferable and collaborative skills of Early Carrer Investigators (ECIs), who represent the futire of the field,  through training, educating and mentoring.

A trademark of ERNEST meetings is the enthusiasm of participant researchers across Europe who share their excellent science and seek unique networking opportunities and build fruitful collaborations across international borders.

The fifth ERNEST meeting will be a restart after the pandemic emergency, as it will be held in presence at the University of Bari Aldo Moro in Italy. In addition, the meeting will be available online to anyone all over the world.

ERNEST consists of five working groups, focusing on different aspects of GPCRs:

Working Group 1: Macromolecular interactions in signaling pathways

Working Group 2: Biological roles of signal transduction

Working Group 3: Molecular modulators of signal transduction

Working Group 4: Advanced methodologies and technologies

Working Group 5: Public web resources


Talks on the themes will be presented during the conference and will provide a platform for communicating the most current scientific progress in GPCR research.