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The deadline to register for on-site participation is August 24th, 2021.

The deadline for virtual participation is October 1st, 2021 (to receive the password to streamed sessions).

We plan to host around 50 participants in Bari and will live-stream the entire meeting. Given the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, we are prepared to move the entire meeting online if needed.

To participate to the meeting, in presence or online, registration is mandatory.

When registering, you will be asked if you plan to participate on-site or online.

For invited speakers, registration is mandatory.

The organizing committee will wait until late August/early September to select 50 on-site participants, taking into account geographical location, career stage, and gender.

Then, participants will be invited to book their travel (if pandemic restrictions allow).

All on-site participants will be offered reimbursement of their expenses as per COST rules.

Key points for getting reimbursement:

On-site participants have to register for an e-COST profile at

Upon receipt of the e-COST invitation, you have 14 calendar days to accept the invitation via e-COST, book, and upload your travel tickets to e-COST.

Choose the most economical means of transportation.

Make your transportation arrangements as early as possible and upload to the e-COST profile.

If you do not travel on the days immediately adjacent to the meeting and/or if travel is not from your home country directly to Bari and back, you must provide a comparative price quote (proper dates and towns of departure) and upload it to e-COST as well.

A flat rate of EUR 180 per person per day will be paid. A maximum number of 4 nights’ accommodation will be reimbursed.

The organization will provide meals for the on-site participants, who will be requested to support the organization with 100 € to be paid by bank transfer.

Sign the attendance list on each day of the conference.

Upload legible copies of all invoices/receipts and relevant supporting documents onto e-COST and submit the reimbursement within 30 calendar days after the end date of the conference.

If you fail to follow these steps, your reimbursement eligibility will be revoked and passed to the next person on the waiting list.

You are solely responsible for keeping to these time-frames, and ERNEST is not obliged to remind you of the deadlines.

Details of reimbursement rules for participating in a COST Action are found in the Vademecum:

The rules listed in the Vademecum and within the eCOST system take precedence over the summary listed here.

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